Blockchain District

Blockchain District SA is a Swiss investment company leveraging Blockchain technology and Artificial-Intelligence for digital assets management in the Entertainment industry.

About us

Blockchain District SA is the developer of AQER, the technology that is underpinning the development of the world’s first integrated ecosystem dedicated to advancing the whole Entertainment rights industry.
AQER introduces dedicated marketplaces where content seekers and content creators interests meet and synergise, exploiting the combined benefits of Blockchain and Artificial-Intelligence technologies.
Our vision is to establish the first economic district within the blockchain economy, where web entertainment entrepreneurs, social promoters, Vloggers and content creators at large are committed to create new revenue streams and maintain their entertainment rights and value.
Blockchain District is organizing the AQER Token Generating Event (see whose proceeds will be used to accelerate the delivery, distribution, marketing and scaling of the platform.
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Blockchain Technology Integration

We develop blockchain solutions for an ecosystem of various Entertainment Districts. We provide the pipeline framework to every Entertainement Habitat to join the Blockchain Economy. Our first step is a marketplace, where Vloggers and Brands meet and exchange services and rights.

AQER Token

1 ecosystem, 1 unique token! All the marketplaces that are being integrated in the Blockchain District ecosystem use the same token and exchange services and organic advertisement between marketplaces with the AQER token.


AI algorithm for quantification of entertainment rights: we developed and we are able to replicate for the other marketplaces the neural kohen network algorithm. A non-supervised algorithm which quantifies fairly the entertainment rights of the content creators.

Smart Entertainment Rights Contracts

Blockchain District provides a new way of distribution of the entertainment rights. Creators gets payed by seekers through smart contracts and distribute the earning towards the service providers which helped him to get payed by seekers.

Crypto Wallet

We have developed the BDW (BlockchainDistrictWallet), a last generation crypto wallet dedicated to the AQER ecosystem


he AQER Marketplace results form the integration of advanced enabling technologies and features. Its components are: the AQER Crypto Wallet + the AQER Artificial Intelligence technology + the AQER 4SERC Smart Entertainment Rights Contracts + the AER Token. AQER is the first marketplace that is currently integrated in the broader AQER ecosystem is AQER.

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