Innovation Research

We begin by looking both inside and outside to identify an innovation strategy that best supports the B-District’s ecosystem and maximizes its value. Inside to analyze the strengths and growth opportunities of active projects and startups. Outside to understand key trends shaping consumer economics and demand, and to prioritize the most attractive domains for innovation investments. Also, a world-class team of engineers, researchers, and senior developers continue to experiment with the latest technological advances, often resulting in ideas for prototypes and cutting-edge solutions that form the basis of our future startups.

Innovation Testing

A great idea supported by a well-suited team with a proven innovation strategy is necessary but not sufficient. Generating long-lasting value in a world of shortening products and business model life cycles requires action, speed, and, ultimately, iteration. We adopt a sprint-based approach to design and launch minimum viable products (MVPs) consistent with the strategy. The goal is to validate assumptions as efficiently and rapidly as possible using feedback. Products with real market potential are evolved through active learning, while the less successful ones are dropped to free up time and resources for the others.

Innovation Execution

Maximizing the returns on innovation investments involves the organizational capability to identify -or create- product-market fits and scale promising businesses rapidly and efficiently. We take advantage of B-District’s ecosystem and overall relationships to create a network of key stakeholders helping our R&D projects transition from experimentation to business model execution.

Innovation Acceleration

B-District’s goal is to enable new businesses to generate long-lasting value by themselves. Each year, we choose a limited number of successful R&D projects to join B-District’s acceleration program. We surround the chosen management team with the best mentors and an unrivaled network of corporate partners, investors, and alumni. We guarantee elite-level support by providing funding and fundraising opportunities, team-centric growth processes, and excellent monitoring tools and processes.