The terms of the week

Navigating the world of blockchain can often feel like a journey through a sea of complex and ever-evolving technical jargon. New terms continually emerge, reflecting the innovation and progress flowing continually through this sector. Today, we’ll dive into the depths of two lesser-known but equally significant terms in the blockchain ecosystem: “Merklizing” and “Sharding”. Despite their lack of mainstream recognition, these concepts play a pivotal role in the arc of blockchain technology development. Let’s take a moment to explore them.


In the context of blockchain, the term “Merklizing” is derived from “Merkle Trees”, which are a key component in ensuring data integrity within a blockchain system. A Merkle tree is a data structure where each non-leaf node is labeled with the hash of its child nodes, providing an efficient and secure method for verifying the contents of large quantities of data. Merklizing, therefore, is the process of arranging data into a Merkle tree. This process can enhance the efficiency of data verifications on a blockchain, ensuring that all transactions are consistent and unaltered.


Sharding is a scaling technique that involves partitioning the entire blockchain network into several parts or “shards” that can process transactions and smart contracts in parallel. Each shard operates as a separate blockchain with its own state and transactions, which allows for multiple transactions to be processed simultaneously, significantly improving the speed and capacity of a blockchain network. Ethereum 2.0 is one of the most prominent projects currently implementing sharding as one of its primary scaling strategies.

The immense potential of Merklizing and Sharding once again demonstrates that while blockchain may appear complex and difficult to access, it’s within this intricate web of concepts and technologies that the promise of a more secure and decentralized digital future resides. This reminds us that to fully grasp the opportunities offered by this ongoing revolution, we must be willing to delve into its more arcane aspects and uncover the mysteries hidden behind these seemingly impenetrable terms. This is the journey that awaits us in the extraordinary odyssey of blockchain technology.